Superb Steel


When it comes to supplying the right steel for the right job, A.D. Morton can offer their considerable expertise in choosing the right product.
Not only that, but thanks to our bulk buying power, we can pass on cost savings to our clients - from small to large quantities.


Whatever scale of project, or however adventurous your plans, let us fabricate steel to your specifications.
Our quality workmanship will ensure a made to measure and quality finish, leaving your project with fewer risks from imprecision and poor production.


The logistics of handling large quantities of steel on site can be literally a heavy load. That's why we can offer expert construction services for steel erections.
We can be right there on site, assembling steel expertly and efficiently.

About Us

At A. D. Morton Ltd. we all take pride in the work we produce whether a small bracket or a new industrial building. All our clients are important to us and our aim is to give the best service possible.

We have been established over 30 years supplying to national contractors, factories and industrial plants, warehouses and manufacturing industries, local councils, schools and colleges, super market chains, office developments and property owners.

Reliable and efficient, we offer a quality and personal service second to none. All our employees have been with us for many years so they have all had years of experience and knowledge in their jobs enabling them to give the highest standard of workmanship in everything we do.